Luis Manzano's Message to Jessy Mendiola's Bashers - "It definitely made us stronger"

Jessy Mendiola has been the favorite subject of bashers lately, they speculates that she was the reason behind the breakup of Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin. Both Manzano and Mendiola denied the allegations while Locsin refused to comment.

In an interview with ABS-CBN News' Marie Lozano, Luis said that the bashing Jessy received made both of them stronger. "To go through that? It definitely made us stronger," said Luis. "I appreciate her more, her strength — mas bumilib ako sa kanya. Mas malaki lang akong tao pero she's way stronger that I am."

Manzano said people who will look for the faults will always find one.

"Ang taong naghahanap ng mali ay makakahanap ng mali," Manzano explained, referring to the body shaming remarks Mendiola received following her win. "They don't want to understand the other side of the spectrum. To begin with, they never liked her."

"So they wouldn't put any effort into understanding her. Ganoon naman talaga. I'm not going to knock into people's houses, saying, 'Hey, like me.' No, you don't like me? Fine," Manzano added.

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